Charisse C In Conversation with Kuda & Munashe of MADE IN ZWE

#AbantuPod by Charisse C In Conversation with Kuda & Munashe, founders of MADE IN ZWE

What is MADE IN ZWE? (0:00), Art, Activism, and the #ThisFlag movement (8:18), growing up in Zimbabwe and finding your creative voice (27:00), the next generation of young Zimbabweans, the state of the music industry, and hopes for the future (52:08), Kuda & Munashe’s music selections (1:06:00), the MADE IN ZWE Playlist and things to look forward to (1:18:58). Instagram: @charissec @madeinzwe #AbantuPod

In this episode of the AbantuPod podcast, we explore the world of MADE IN ZWE, a collective of young Zimbabwean creatives who are making waves in the art and activism space. Join host Charisse C as she speaks with Kuda & Munashe, co-founders of MADE IN ZWE, to discuss the origins of the collective and its mission to showcase the best of Zimbabwean talent to the world.

The conversation then turns to the #ThisFlag movement and how it has impacted the creative community in Zimbabwe. Charisse shares her thoughts on the intersection of art and activism and how artists can use their platforms to effect change in their communities.

Next, we delve into Kuda & Munashes personal journeys, discussing their upbringing in Zimbabwe and how they found their individual creative voice. They also touch on the next generation of young Zimbabweans and the state of the music industry in the country, as well as their hopes for the future.

To round out the episode, Kuda and Munashe share their music selections, highlighting some of their favorite Zimbabwean artists and tracks. They also talks about the MADE IN ZWE Playlist and what listeners can expect from the collective in the future.

Join us for this engaging and thought-provoking conversation about creativity, activism, and the future of Zimbabwean art. Don’t forget to follow MADE IN ZWE on Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube for more exciting content.

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