Long Live Rolihlahla Feat. Xolani Nqo (Produced by Kuda)

#LongLiveRolihlahla // Long live the one, yena esimuthi Tata // Long live your shine uze ube yinkanyezi yo’mhlabla // Uze uyephela um’hlaba, long live your legacy. // Long live Mr Nelson // Long live a man who is the father of a nation // Long live the prisoner to president // Long live your excellence // Long live the one who charged his enermies with innocence // Long live he who gave them life, when they gave him life. // Long live Madiba // VIVA!!! // Long live a leader // Long live amandla akho they could not weaken in solitude // Long live the terrorist who bombed them with peace // Long live Mandela // 1918 till Forever…

Written & Performed by Xolani Nqo. Produced by Kuda. Additional Production by Phillip Sampson. Visuals by Xavier Do Couto. Executive Produced by Kuda – Inspired by & in tribute to Nelson Rolihlahla Madiba Tata Mandela.


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